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Why the APP in scrAPPbook™?

The pilot phase in Badenoch tested a collaborative process which is now being used to develop an app for future scrAPPbooks.  By testing the process before fully designing the app, we can now make sure the app is designed in an economical and user-friendly way.

So how does scrAPPbooking™ work/how much does it cost?

An organisation or individual commissions the scrAPPbook.  We discuss the objectives, the location, the target audience and the duration.  These four criteria decide the overall value of the scrAPPbook. scrAPPbook Badenoch was fully funded by the University of Dundee - so free of charge.  We are now looking for a partner to commission a second prototype scrAPPbook, making a contribution towards development costs which will be less than commissioning a scrAPPbook outright.

We work with the commissioning organisation to encourage participation.  

'Challenges' are issued.  'Responses' come back in the form of written comments, video, audio or photos.

Participants must answer the question within a particular timeframe, sometimes a week or more, but sometimes a day or less, even an hour (a scrAPPbook can be created in a day).

Responses are themed and displayed within a purpose-built scrAPPbook website and can be shared via the usual social media channels.

What’s a scrAPPbook for?

Above all, scrAPPbooking is easy, quick and fun, and when you see the result, far greater than the sum or its parts. The final product, the online scrAPPbook, will always provide some surprises about what people value within their community.

A scrAPPbook gives a very honest picture of a community.  You will see images taken by local people and hear local voices talking about their landscape, life or work.  scrAPPbook Badenoch will we believe entice curious travellers to explore for a little longer within the area.  It could help a museum or gallery understand how visitors are responding to one particular exhibit, gallery or space.  It could help unite a community around a cause (e.g. opposition to a Wind Farm development).  It could also be of use in funding bids to show that the community has a clear identity.

Can I be anonymous?

Yes, all participants are unnamed, but remember if you feature in a photograph you submit you will be identifiable to local people.  All content submitted is moderated, either by the commissioner or the scrAPPbook team, and scrAPPbook is a fun and positive process to work through. 

Is all content submitted used?

All content is checked.  Almost everything submitted for scrAPPbook Badenoch has been used.  Blurred photographs and overlong, disparaging or overly-commercial content may be rejected.  If there were any issues with this during scrAPPbooking we would discuss them with the commissioner. This inclusive approach does mean variations in quality but that is, we believe, part of the authenticity of scrAPPbooking.

Any other questions? Please just ask us.



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